Feb 142014

Watch Gunday Free Movie

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  1. It would be so great if your guys would tell me your favourite songs from bollywood songs.

    thx 4 every answer
    my favourites are ya ali from aap ka suroor/gangster, all songs from awarapan, afsana banake from diya hai, tanhaiyaan from aap ka suroor, afreen from red/bhagam bhag and tera mera pyar from kumar sanu. You see most of the songs are from himesh. But i think all of his songs suits emraan hashmi. oh and i love the songs from zeher especially woh lamhe.

  2. I’ve been a XT Share user for many months, but I’m looking for other websites that allow movie online streaming. What are websites are user friendly and the most reliable? Thanks very much!

  3. Where can i watch Online Streaming of Inkheart Movie?

  4. Where can i watch Duplicity Online Movie Stream for free

  5. It will be awesome help If any one can provide links to Watch Legendary Full Movie Streaming Online.

  6. hye fellows i am looking for Valhalla Rising full movie.can i watch Valhalla Rising full movie online for free in high quality with free streaming any help

  7. (movies in theaters)

  8. I am eager to Watch Countdown to Zero Movie Online Now with fast streaming its my favorite starcast pls help me by giving the valid place.

  9. it was the first full length indian feature film – silent movie. also i’m specifically looking for indian movies in the 1910 – 1931 period.

  10. i want to watch the movie “old school” streaming on line but i cant find it any where. can anyone send me the actual link of the movie if u can find it

  11. help……!!!!!!!

  12. this song is picturised on rajendra kumar & b.sarojadevi a hindi movie in 1961.

  13. i want to watch hindi movie online but i don’t know many links.

  14. Hi, Could some1 please send me the song or tell me the site to download the song oru murai vandu from manichitrathazhu.

  15. can anyone tell me were i can watch free movies online , by this i mean were can i stream them for free.

  16. Website to stream free movies

  17. I know it is illegal to download movies, but have been told it isnt illegal to watch streaming movies, no matter how new they are. Is this true? If so where can I find good copies of movies to watch? I am watching The Dark Knight atm, but a poor copy, its not been updated since August last year.

  18. So I recently watched 300 through a website through video weed. It was pretty good quality without having to pay for it, but other movies are pretty low quality. Any good movies I can find online with good quality for free?
    The lemmewatchtish didnt work, is it lemmewatchthis?

  19. i need alot of good punjabi songs……and please dont just name the singer…..i need actual songs……title of song- singer
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ……. thank youuu

  20. anybody know any sites where u can watch movies or download them and theres no catches to sign up for anything or pay money just go and watch ? thanks

  21. Can i watch machete movie online free no youtube or any other Tube site. direct links please.

  22. I’m trying to watch Die Hard 3, but I can’t get it on any links… Can someone please help me with a few good sites, or even a direct link?!! THANK YOU!! :)

  23. anybody know of any good sites where you can watch movies for free?

  24. I heard from someone that watch movie online is a part of piracy, is it true?

  25. There are four potential surprise box office hits for 2014:

    Jinn (low budget horror movie, April 4th, but should go for wide release on October 24th because the poster i saw for this movie was the best poster ever visualized so surprisingly that they should’ve compete against any superhero movie and any Oscar favorite for best movie poster and potentially best movie trailer). i would go see that movie and not Captain America because Jinn would be the next horror classic and i never saw a horror movie all of my life expect Shutter Island, which was a period horror.

    P.K. (Hindi-language comedy/drama, December 25th)
    Reason: The top 3 highest-grossing opening weekends in the U.S. for a bollywood movie were starred by Aamir Khan himself, including last Christmas’ $3.4 million surprise with Dhoom 3.

    Cesar Chavez (latino movie, March 28th)
    Reason: It would be likely to be a box office surprise, largely because of Pantelion’s labor day surprise on Instructions Not Included last year (who went top-5 in U.S. box office and went on to gross $90 million worldwide and is now on Blu-Ray And DVD already)

    A Matter Of Faith (christian drama, September 26th)
    Reason: in the month of September, christian movies are known for being targeted as a audience, but a wide release and some hyped promotion with that movie would help become a box office surprise


  26. where can I watch/stream free movies on the internet?, any links or websites would be much apriciated

  27. Are there any sites which offers free streaming of english movies online? i know of some chi jap n korean.. but am lookin for english movies now…

  28. i wanted to download video of
    1- kajrare from bunti aur bubli
    2- barso re from guru

  29. i want to download from saudi arabia..i mean sum sites r blocked here

  30. I mean like on sites like putlocker. Since I’m not the one who uploaded it and I didn’t download it, is it legal or not?

  31. im looking for a site that has free HQ/HD movies to watch with out downloading any one know of any. download movies for free is illegal so i was looking for another way.

  32. It should be fast and simple.It must also have a great collection to choose from.
    i’m a music freak.so,plz help!

  33. i was watching final destination 2 on this website called stagevu.com [friend introduced me to it] which allows you to either download it or stream it online. i dont like to pirate movies so is streaming it still pirating it? isnt it just like watching a movie on youtube your just not interrupted by the part 1 part 2 and such? help! i hope im not doing anything wrong.

  34. Sites like AOL/moving, netflix, and a few other sites have the ability to stream movies, for free and for a cost.
    What is needed to be able to do this for a small audience.
    such as if i wanted to own an online movie theater but not sell the movies, or allow downloading of them.

    What i would want to do it more, DJ but with movies, online.
    what kind of license would be needed for something like this. and if i wanted to have people pay for membership?

    I just want to know the legal constraints for things like this, and don’t say its illegal, i give 2 main examples in the first sentence, and if you need more, they are only clicks away on Google. but remember im talking small, im not talking make a business, and im not talking own a shop, nothing like this. im talking about showing live stream movies over the internet, and what i would need to do or own to be able to do such a thing.

  35. I want to watch movies online but I don’t want to download anything. All I want to do is click and watch. I’ve already heard of Firefox but I don’t want that because you have to download things. The website has to be free and the movies have to be new and up to date. And the view should be clear and blur-free. ~Best Answers will be chosen by how friendly you are and if your website works. And if your advice is great.
    ~Please add the website link/URL with your answer.
    Thank you!

  36. It’s a movie that stars Maggie Gyllenhaal.Plus,could anyone provide me any links where I can watch this movie online.Thanks a lot.

  37. Can you tell me some websites where I can watch free online movies??????????????? Please

  38. and if you dont have nothing nice to say keep it to yourself

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