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Stranger by the Lake 2013 Watch Free Putlocker





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  1. Can anybody tell me about the Hollywood movies which have Unsimulated sex scenes or real sex scenes in that?

  2. Of all comic book characters, he’s my favorite.


    And who do you think should play him?

  3. pls list some of best movies of hollywood released in 2013 i watched
    movie 43 and
    Red Dawn both are awesome movies……thanks you
    (pls no bullshitt bollywood)

  4. Can you recommend chick flicks that have to do with the city or beaches? Preferably modern movies (2000-2013). Oh it would also be great if they weren’t too romantic and be about teenagers or college students.

  5. Like in the U.S. there is: Step Up/etc.
    or Bollywood movies have dances.

    Any Russian dance films?

  6. I have been hearing a lot of rumours,about Bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan who is going to be a lead star in a Hollywood Movie along with Hollywood Superstar Leonardo Di Caprio called as Xtreme City.

    Rumours have been surfacing ever since 2010,but no work has been taken ever since 2013,has the project been cancelled off or are they going to act together in that Hollywood Movie.

  7. I have spent an entire 6 hours trying to find the right website to download movies, I’ve tried so many. But the only ones I can find are ones that don’t download them directly to the tablet, you can only watch them, ones where you have to log in and pay for a membership, ones with only new hollywood movies, or ones that only have trailers or small clips. And I want to be able to be able to download old movies too, not just 2013 2012. I found one called veoh tha actually downloads them, but they don’t have full movies, just clips and trailers. Please help :( I’m getting really tired of the same thing.

  8. Please don,t give answers like your top tenor something,I just want the best one.

  9. I’ve been watching some movies, and I’ve realized something= There are NO MORE original movies anymore! It’s all SEQUELS and PARODIES! Their either sequels to previous movies, or just a parody to something! I think I started giving up on Hollywood ever since “Battleship” came out! And now their making a HANZEL AND GRETTLE WITH AN ACTION MOVIE TWIST! Are they SO desperate to make movies that they’ll rip off anything???

  10. hi everyone.sorry to sound so stupid but we are going to tunisia and my daughter (aged 15) has said she would love to try snorkeling. can anyone give me any advice on this? i am a strong swimmer myself and my daughter can swim but not far or very strongly.ive never been snorkeling myself so don’t know how to! i understand what it is but want to make sure we do it right.
    can you give me any good advice?
    many thanks

  11. Just I wanna learn the basic idea of video editing, like background editing and other dream effects like hollywood movie.
    So, I wanna know which video editor of windows should I use.
    If I can know it then I’ll be very glad.
    Please tell me.

  12. In 2002 a movie that holds the monopoly on ruining Movies as we knew it came out, Jackass which then until 2011 was coming out with sequels (WHY) quite regularly yet nobody noticed nor cared. Same can be said for Micheal Bay’s Transformer series, we’ve recently seen the release of Pacific Rim which is just another clone Godzilla Man Vs Monsters type movie. Lets not forget the dozen of Paranormal Activities/Exorcist and Horror movies that have come out every week it seems, people say Hollywood is getting dull and unoriginal. Yet they bash movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Dark Shadows, Alice in wonderland (2010) and The Lone Ranger (2013) as Johnny Depp playing the same exact role. Yet people pander to every clone Paranormal Activity/Exorcist/Horror/Man Vs Monster/Transformers movie out there when they are exactly the same and completely ignore Jackass.

    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender/Transsexual: Is Hollywood becoming Dull and Unoriginal or has the viewers become hypocrites with high standards but low focus?

  13. I just saw on website saying between 2012-2013 they are going to make a newer and version of the last unicorn.

  14. The LA Mayor says its a crisis. The job losses are massive these past 5 years.
    @Smoking Joe: The whiner. Is the mayor of LA.

    Another pathetic lib who is failing the LA worker with hostile business practices in Washington, Sacramento, and LA
    @Mittens: How very conservative and republican a response. Good job.
    I mean, even a skank ho finds a new pimp, if she can stop being abused, stop having all her hard earned money taken from her by the pimp, and gets some incentives from her pimp.

  15. When will Hollywood make a [PROTOTYPE] movie? I loved the game and am hoping that some director is gunna work up the guts to grab this by the balls and make a [PROTOTYPE] movie! I’ve seen a trailer for a 2013 release called “The Prototype” but was quickly disappointed with the discovery that it is completely different from [PROTOTYPE]. Please, any information into this would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  16. My boyfriend & I used to have a lot of problems concerning rumors and people talking bad about me and my personality. I was unsure of his reaction towards these rumors, and I had a sick feeling that he believed them. That was the reason we broke up. But, we still love each other & I really want to get back together with him.

    So, last night I dreamt that we were fenced in some land area. Within the land area is a shack and a HUGE lake and barely any land between the lake and the fence. Along the lake was some disgusting lime/grease building up, which was utterly disgusting. Me and my ex hung out in the shack and then we decided to leave. As we were carefully walking along the land, i was flirting. lol.
    We managed to leave the fenced area in the end though.
    What does that mean? and the symbolism of the lake and the slime?
    Please help :D

  17. When pshyics can see someone’s future? What do you guys/girls see; like bits and peices of someone’s life in the future or clues? and if your a pshyic can you see your own future?

  18. I am making a documentary and a feature length film I was wondering if I can get them in to tiff for 2013 if not 2014. How would go about doing that. Also wondering if anyone knows how I would get a sponsor for one of the movies.

  19. There are movies like Wolverine, Carrie 2013, and others which have good rating on rotten tomatoes but were not nominated for any category or have only few nominations and no win? It seems like some movies are just ignored at awards even though they have big box office and people actually like them. For example The lone ranger had 39% at rotten tomatoes, but still is overrated and nominated at the Oscars. I actually don’t really get how these things work

  20. Tbh 2012 was boring. We had few good movies: batman, spiderman, ted, 21 jump street, the hobbit, avengers, hunger games, john carter and maybe a few here and there. But 2013, so far i know these movies:

    Scary Movie 5
    Man Of Steel
    The Wolverine
    Kick Ass 2
    This Is The End
    Thor 2
    Fast And Furious 6
    Machete Kills
    A Good Day To Die Hard
    Iron Man 3
    The Hangover 3
    World War Z
    The Lone Ranger
    Despicable Me 2
    Grown Ups 2
    Sin City: A Dame To Kill

    Theres obviously more, but man this is a niceeeee list!

  21. I’ve been following about this new project since the beginning. According to Wikipedia, it began filming on June 18th of this year. Now that six months have passed, shouldn’t they be done by now? Why can’t the movie come out now, in the beginning of 2013? A Hollywood film usually takes 3-6 months to make. I don’t see why we have to wait 1 more year and 3 months to come to theaters. Can someone explain it to me? Oh, and please don’t post anything like “The movie is never gonna come out ’cause we’ll be already dead and blah-blah-blah-blah…” I mean, seriously!

  22. I’m a 16 year old girl. I’ve been going to acting classes for 2 years but acting and becoming an actress has been my passion since always. I remember watching clasic movie by my father and saying “when i grow up, i want to be like her” signalising to the main character.

    I want so badly to take part in a movie. I know there’s 99.9% possibilities that i’ll not get chosen but i still get my hopes up. I don’t have any agents or attend any agencies, there’s no acting agencies near me either. I’ll be willing to move to audition at places. I know you can’t just get chosen just like that without any preps…but i still look up to Rachel Hurt-Wood, Marilyn Monroe etc… who entered Hollywood without any preparations.

    My question is: are there any upcoming movie castings where i can get 2 audition to play a character? i’d love to have an experience. Thanks you.
    Btw.. Peter Pan/ Harry Potter kinda movies if possible…i am more specified in fiction.
    Made Up? ….where can i get the link for the audition dates and such? .-.

  23. I know that people who made home movies in the 70′s used 35mm, 16mm, 8mm any others if you know???

    I assume it would have been different and or better than the type of film used for home movie films of the same time???

    Can you name the calibers and sizes of professional hollywood movie Video Camera film???

    I can find out a lot about home movie making back then but not about what movie studios of hollywood used that is why i am asking.

    Also about today’s recording media it is probably since we are in the digital age. Are hollywood movie Cameras recording Digitally to a Hard Drive or something like that nowadays???

    I figure any type of video tape for recording a hollywood movie has not been used in years because we are in the digital age. So any videos Cameras hollywood uses today is saving to a Hard Drive Digitally is what i figure anyway.

    I always wondered to are Video Cameras going back to the 70′s to Present Day 2013 what types of power sources did they use like Car Batteries,Power Cords plugged to wall outlets or some other type of battery???

    I say Car Batteries and power cords plugged to wall outlets because i figure it would take something pretty heavy duty to run a Video Camera for a Movie and not some lithium ion rechargeable proprietary battery like home video cameras use today in the present day.

    I ask these questions because i have always had an interest in Video and Still Cameras. Both of the Consumer Home Category and the Big Leauges where Movies of Hollywood for the Big Screen are made.

    I Really do appreciate your helpful answers community.

  24. Something in lines of Leap Year, Silver Linings Playbook etc.,


    Does his suit looks like batman mixed with judge dredd

  26. You know like that fear of long words thing. Can you please include the scintific term for it, too.

  27. the amazing spiderman released 1 week ago in India and now the iron man 3 will be releasing on 26th april in India while the worldwide release date is 3rd may.
    what may be the reason behind this?

  28. I watched it but I can’t remember it greatly. Can you answer these questions as good as possible for me please?

    Argo: Ethical Issues and Discussion Questions

    1. Do you agree with Prime Minister Key’s assertion that “this is Hollywood” or do you think the New Zealand, Canada, and UK governments were justified in being offended by the historical inaccuracies?

    2. Did the film portray Iranians stereotypically or unfairly?

    3. Did Ben Affleck take too many liberties with the story? Does saying that it is “based on a true story” absolve him of criticism in this regard?

    4. Does the film portray the CIA, the United States, and/or Iran objectively? Is it American propaganda?

    5. Does a filmmaker have a responsibility to stay truthful to a story? Should the fact the story is politically sensitive have any bearing on this question?

    6. Considering American-Iranian relations are strained in 2012-2013, should this film have been made? Could this film increase nationalism on either or both sides, or do audiences generally accept that “this is Hollywood”?

  29. So many remakes! I just saw a 2013 trailer for Carrie (Although it doesn’t look as scary as the original, so I probably will see it. I’m horrible for encouraging them xD). -_- Is there no creativity anymore? Crazies.
    @Jawnsexual: I actually never did see the 1976 version (I’m a wimpy as hell….), but I did read the book. Even though I think all the remakes are such copouts for Hollywood, this version doesn’t look that horrifying to me, so I probably will see it, as I said. My only complaint is that they casted a pretty girl as Carrie. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the story? Meh…

  30. The Hollywood liberals portray themselves as peaceful loving people. They care so much about the world. Some of them are calling for gun bans. But many of them make very violent movies with lots of guns and death. They all say there’s no way violence in movies contributes to real violence. Isn’t this kind of hypocritical?
    PoohBearPenguin: So you are saying with 100% certainty that no insane person has ever been watching a violent movie and said to himself “I think I’ll try that”. That’s never happened? I wonder how you and all the people doing the studies can know that for sure. Check the link below. It’s titled “15 films that inspired real life crimes”
    Butch S: I think you’re a little too sensitive if you get so angry over a person’s question.

  31. Like the new movie called ‘ 12 years a slave ‘ recently released. There have been many slavery movies made already in the past such as ‘ Roots ‘ , ‘ Amistad ‘ and many others. I don’t think slavery is a period that us black people or anybody else wants to be reminded over and over again. As a child I have watched movies like ‘ Roots’ , ‘ The Color Purple ‘ , ‘ Mama Flora’s Family ‘ , etc… I did enjoy some of them , however most are quite painful and offensive to watch, especially for a young black woman like me. The thing is I don’t understand why they keep on making new slavery movies as we already have enough to watch for those who are interested in black history and honestly, other than black Americans, I don’t think others are. Also I believe a lot of black people (people of African decent)practice on each other what was done to black people during slavery and therefore viewing these new slavery movies is not educating anybody.

  32. Call me mad, call me what ever you like… I was discussing the Lake District, specifically: Glenridding, Ullswater & surrounding hills (Lanty’s Tarn, Red Tarn etc.) with a friend who is camping there at the moment and doing walks. And I was thinking to myself how lovely it must be to camp there & then started thinking how much of a wimp I am when it comes to unexplained noises when camping

    Some how that made me remember something that happened many years ago when I was stopping at my Gran’s cottage in Glenridding. There is a hill directly opposite the cottage with a field where sheep graze. My dad & me were in the garden by the gate & he saw something right at the top of the hill near the trees a fair bit higher than the sheep were grazing & kind of nudged me with his mouth wide open. When I looked where he was looking I saw this huge “creature”, it looked huge in comparrison to the sheep, even though it was a lot further away. By the way it moved it didn’t look like the shadow of a cloud on the ground (although as I remember it it was typical British weather, very overcast so no individual clouds to cause a shadow). And both of us have been frequent visitors for as long as we can remember & it was like nothing had ever seen there before.

    Honestly couldn’t tell you specifically what it looked like as it was so far away, but it was huge & moved with what looked like a half crawl half walk kind of motion. I suppose it was kind of like the mythical “big foot” not that I’m saying it was, that’s just the closest thing that can compare it to.

    My uncle had claimed to have seen it a few times but we all thought he was joking, but my dad & me both saw it & it was a little scary to be honest.

    Has anyone every seen anything strange in the Lake District? Maybe similar to this or in a similar area?

    Thank you

  33. Im not talking about ghosts or anything like that, but a a city that is just plain weird. With weird people.

    i have heard some people say Portland before, what do you think?
    yeah i was watching too i was just wondering if it was really the weirdest city or not?

  34. yes.. you heard me correct.. a Lake.
    if it was put for auction, and anyone can buy it and maintain it, would you be up for it?
    how about owning a lake? ..who knows. it could well grow into a fishing business if its good.
    hey boo :)

  35. I live by a lake and today a guy that was jumping off the bridge drowned and I feel like there is something wrong with the lake and just the outdoors. And I didn’t even know him.

  36. okay can you guys suggest good movies that are based on true stories , forbidden love , crime movies , high school love , or maybe even action.
    movies I’ve liked : Monster , Dirty Teacher , The Mary Kay Letourneau Story: All-American Girl , Taken , The Host , A Walk to Remember , 3 Metros Sobre el Cielo , The Call , Megan is Missing , and Limitless. Theirs much more but that will do.

    Oh yeah and can you guys please give me a little description of each movie please ? (:

  37. i chose the longest word i know and its:
    hippopotomonstrosesquippe – daliophobia, which is the fear of long words!! And it is true, im not lying!!!

    *i put a dash before daliophobia cuz then it would not show all of it, but its alltogether!!

  38. I do doomsday is just a load of bullsh!t. They are always predicting things like this

  39. Why is it so hard for an asian guy to get a role in movies? I want to know because I want to become an actor someday. Don’t have experience yet but in about 3 or 4 years I might go to those acting schools and learn acting and I will work hard. But I don’t know what most of the directors want to see from an asian guy. Every asian guy most and lots of them only get roles in a movie because they know Kung fu or martial arts or their either a bad guy. I’m not that kind of guy. Let say that I audition for a movie What do I have to do to make directors get interested to me and might give me a role ? Want they want to see from an asian guy? By the way I’m 14 lol

  40. The Hobbit: THe desolation of Smaug? Iron Man 3? World War Z? Star Trek Into Darkness? Despicable Me 2?
    Personally, I really want to see The Man of Steel. I’m a big superhero fan.

  41. I heard that Beyonce had put in the bid to play the role of Amazon warrior-princess.
    She of course stated that “I want to do a superhero movie and what would be better than Wonder Woman? It would be great. And it would be a very bold choice. A black Wonder Woman would be a powerful thing. It’s time for that, right?”

    Fanboys, closet racist and people that hate Beyonce acting cried fouled for her even using her Celebrity to get a role but I was too busy thinking wouldn’t a Asian-American be a even bolder choice. It would help shatter all that submissive Asian stereotypes to see a kickass American flag bearing Asian Amazon in the big screen and after the horrible “Whitewashing” of the Last Airbender movie franchise it seems like the least Hollywood could do.
    @Girl With an Avatar of a Guy – Your logic never cease to impress me. Your right on that and I know they will go with a White Actress anyway, Megan Fox got a fansite just for her getting this role. It would seem the American public would like her to be the Sex Object of Choice.
    @That lil man that sharpens pencils♥ – The Dragon Lady stereotype is more of a evil Asian women villain type thing. It’s the female version Doctor Fu Manchu (the epitome of all Asian male villains)


    Talk to someone, post it here and make us laugh

    Funniest answer gets 10points

  43. Obviously other than captain america since it comes out tomorrow

  44. I’m doing my science fair project on a fish ladder and I need more info, so if you could answer this, that would be awesome. Also if you have any other info that would be great to.

    Emily-Ann Krasowski <3
    Plaes make sure you really know that it's true. Thanks Emily-Ann Krasowski <3

  45. It could be either Hollywood or Bollywood.

  46. Ok this was a year and a half ago…

    Me and my uncles and my cousin went fishing to Lake Mead and one of my uncles Caught a turtle.. It wasnt those type of turtles they sell for pets..That one had a soft shell. And he didnt only catch one but 2 of them.. ofcourse we let them go back in the lake but its weird because I thought Lake mead only had fish not turtles …
    Another thing we saw in Lake mead, this isnt really about fish but we saw this big black thing on the other side of the lake about 150 feet away from us .. I swear it looked like big foot and it dissapeared behind some big plants ..
    hey dum@ss my question is ^^^^^^^^^^^ read dumfukc!

    Is there Turtles in Lake Mead?

  47. I’ve been looking at Batman vs Superman who would win on yahoo answers, and it may be tiring to Superman and Batman fans. I, myself, would love if Batman/Superman would team up for a DC movie. In my mind, it would take a couple years to consider once the “Man Of Steel” releases out on theaters and it may or may not ever come out. I’m not sure why not it wouldn’t, unless Bale and Cavil aren’t up to that. I’m a huge Batman fan, I would hope their would be a Batman Superman team up to see in live action for once. Does anyone have any thoughts on that? Wouldn’t anybody want to see a really, I mean really epic film & such awesome action scenes? I’d also like Bale to be more an investigator and speak with more intelligence, than his three Batman films. I would like Superman to be more reliable, when Batman is in trouble when he needs help. I believe making a film like this would take a good couple years to make or more if that, does anyone agree on that?

  48. First I noticed the Incredible Hulk movie which was awesome and far better than the previous ”The Hulk” movie. I heard it was a new directed it being made my marvel or someone else? then in the end Iron Man also shows up I was thinking maybe they will team up and they did in Avengers!.

    Then I watched Captain America and thought it was a decent film.

    Then I watched Thor, my first impressions were that it is going to be some crap film of outer space in a different world all completely old style ish. But it was much better than I expected and found it interesting.

    Then I watched the Avengers which was a great movie, my only dissapointed was Hulk, where was the original character from Incredible Hulk? and why did this Hulk not look as a good you know buff/muscular as the Incredible Hulk?. I enjoyed the whole movie but this was the only downside for me personally.

    Then I watched a new movie named ”The Dark Knight Rises” which had a lot of hype so I thought I will give it a watch and see. I watched the previous batman movies like Batman begins and they sucked in my opinion. This one was suprisingly good.

    Just recently I watched Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel as a lot of people said (MOS) is an awesome movie. I watched it yesterday in the theatres and was blown away at how that movie is, it was great! I thought it would be utterly rubbish and boring like the previous Superman movies but it was a lot better than I expected.

    What is it with these new super hero movies? and why has there been a change in the title of the movies like the new hulk movie wasn’t titled as ”Hulk 2” but it was ”The Incredible Hulk”, The new Batman movie is ”The Dark Knight Rises”, the new superman movie is ”Man of Steel”.

    Is the producer/director of incredible hulk making all these movies? including Iron Man, Thor and Captain America.
    and The Amazing Spiderman, forgot about that one which was also better than its predecessors.

  49. which is ur fav Hollywood movie of 2013

  50. good random facts – strangest wins! 10 points

  51. I wanna know some of your scariest/strangest dream you ever had. Heres mine. I randomly see my self on a giant battle tank with 2 cannons on and I was like a commander, much older (40-50 years old!) and I was leading a charge against these other dudes and it was all dark and damp and there were ruins of a city around me and I kick some @$$ then after a while I drive my tank in to a giant building and then I like get really nervous and afraid and then this giant WW1 like tank comes out of a hole and I drive my tank out and I can here what all my guys are saying and I get really really afraid as if I were gonna die, so I wake up, jump out of my bed sweating expecting me running away and I turn around like a mad man lol. That was wierd and to me it felt scary cus I thought i was gonna die lol. YOUR TURN! XD

  52. Dear Please help in telling the title of movie that I saw on Cartoon Network Asia on Saturday 7th Sept 2013, I noted from tiles that it is story by Anne Vince. In that movie two orphan children(girls) were living in an orphanage, where a couple comes from New York and adopt them. Children take with them a puppy(dog) whose life they saved in the orphanage. Children’s father have allergy of dogs. Children go to the New York where the couple lives in an appartment/hotel, where dogs are not allowed. Children hidden the dog and grow him up. Two thieves try to enter their home but dog foils there attempt of robbery……

  53. 1995ish-2013 20- 50 years from now.
    I feel like everyone, will say everything the way remakes are going. But
    Im watching The LOTR’s right now and was thinking if they would ever remake it.

  54. Can you please tell me why the weather jet stream is on such a strange path? I’m originally from the Pittsburgh, PA area and now live near Cleveland, OH. I remember about this time in March that the weather should be near 50 degrees and the threat of snow diminishing. We have had 2 major storms in the past week. We had almost a foot of snow the prior Tuesday and this last Tuesday a major ice storm. We are now faced with another snow storm possibly a blizzard. This is bizarre for March. I’m fond of this time of year. My mother’s birthday was in March so I have clear memories of the weather. Thanks for any answers.

  55. lol. We are doing a comedy pretend radio broadcast at school in english and my group wanna use your strange hobbies as emails in to our studio.

  56. Most of Top 10 Highest grossing of 2013 are animation movies,
    like this anytime happened, if happened which year it was happened?

  57. Years back my husband saw what he described as looking like a giant snake or something similar in the Holton lake here in Kansas .I was wondering if anyone else has ever seen anything like that there?

  58. Is there a documentary/long video on youtube that explains the whole movie making process from start to end in hollywood movies etc?(i know i can read it on wikipedia but still)

  59. Okay so i had this dream twice this past week. Its dark out and im sitting at the top of a bumby hill in a dest with the rest of my class. At the bottom there is a lake and Cyotes just walking around and the teacher said as long as we dont go past a line then they wont hurt us…..idont remeber everything but i think at somepoint the cyotes atack me.
    what could this mean?
    and i also rembemer i was scared and i was antzy.

  60. Anyone got any clue of when they will Update the Game and Get me out this Hell of a GLITCH!

  61. I’ve always wanted to have sex in a graveyard. It sounds like fun. I’m not weird…

  62. can be looked from planes only

  63. Im bored and i want to know if anyone knows some good movies. Preferably ones that are made between 2000 and 2013. I like comedy and horror. Thanks (:

  64. This weekend I was mowing my lawn, over 5 acres with a pond. I was on one side of the lake when I saw a man, dressed in all black with a black cowboy hat (think jeepers creepers) standing on the edge of the woods that border my property. When I looked at him, he just pointed to me and kept pointing. I got off my lawn tractor and started to walk over to him. There are some trees between he and I and when I get past them, he is gone. Just gone. I know my neighbors very well and this was not someone I have ever seen. I called the police and they did a quick check, but did not go in the woods after him.

    Last night, when we got back from church, two of our doors were wide open. They were locked when we left. Nothing was taken, but it creeps me out. We had a security system installed today. I have guns in every room in the house. What else can I do? What would you do? I have a young daughter who loves to play outside. She has a treehouse very near where I saw this dude. She wont even think about going out alone now. Can I shoot first next time? He was tresspassing and I got the feeling he was up to no good. I promise I am not making this up. I dont do drugs or drink and I have never hallucinated that I know of. I have dogs, but they are small and of no use.

    I walked into the woods today to see if I could tell where he came from, but it is very thick. The woods go on for about 3 miles before hitting the red river. Lots of places he could have come from. Just want to know what else I can do.

  65. Hi! I have this strange bird noise outside my window. It sounds more like a deep quacking noise, & repeats in the same intervals. I live in the Toronto area in Canada.

    Any help? It’s quite irritating.


  66. A couple years ago one of my friends sisters was killed by a man in her apartment. If I remember right she was 20 and a man followed her home and drowned her in her bath tub. It was an awful story and it was really hard for my friend. I’d met her a few times before but I didn’t know her too well, and I’ve never really thought of her extensively until recently.

    Last night I had a very strange and scary dream. I was at this lake fairly close to where I live. It was very foggy and no one was around. Then out of the water, my friends sister rose up and starting walking towards me very slowly. Now that I think about it she wasn’t even wet at all but I don’t remember thinking that was weird. She came up to me and just smiled. I think that was the end. I then woke up.

    What is going on? I’ve never thought too much about her. This is seriously freaking me out.

  67. If you have a season pass, can you get into the haunted graveyard for free, or do you need to pay extra?

  68. You can be as detailed as you want

  69. How can you ice fish for lake trout,walleye,pike and white fish on lake simcoe?What are some tricks for each species?Where are the best spots for each?What are some lures or live bait for each?What other species can be caught and how to catch them?I know I have a lot of questions but I would really like some answers.Anybody that answers thanks.You dont need to answer each question
    Also what are the daily keep limits for each species?

  70. I bought my son a Pet Rock from the local black market . to teach him responsibility before allowing to adopt the crow he wanted . he seemed really happy with my surprise , and decided to name it “killer” .

    Now , my boy , is only 9 and I lately , I found alot of empty alcoholic bottles at his room . and from the smell around the house – I suspected he smoked too … so we had a little talk . and he said was that Killer told him it’s cool . I punished him my making him sleep outside the house for a week and think about his actions …

    I believe this rock is a bad influence on my kid … for example – someone was using my computer to enter inappropriate sites . and few days ago , I came back home early from work (because some idiot set the place on fire) and caught Killer at the act . I yelled at him . and used very colorful language . but he did not reply . infact he hasn’t even blinked … what I found kinda disturbing . Anyway – NO MORE BACK STORY !

    I thought this was the end of it , but no . I keep finding notes around the house calling for my death . itr’s his writing – for sure ! and I’m really scared … I thought about killing it , but my kid will get heart broken… should I just do it , and tell him it ran away ?

  71. I know this is a strange question to ask but if the evil Satan (which i detest with all my heart) one day truly asked the lord for forgiveness do you think the Lord will forgive him? I don’t think he would because he is the reason there is evil in the first place.But since God always forgives i just wonder.

  72. Why does frozen lake make strange sound when throwing rocks on it? It sounds like taking a sheet of metal and wiggling it back and forth.

  73. This mesolow is centered just at the southern tip of Lake Michigan slightly south of the Indiana border.
    On radar I’m seeing what appears to be a hurricane over Lake Michigan. I live in Central Pennsylvainia, getting whipped by the “tail end” of this system which has not moved for 2 days. Is this normal?

  74. I’m taking a bigger car that I’m unfamiliar with, and I would like to know how curvy the roads are. If going up to big bear is a 10, then how windy/curvy is the drive to lake casitas (if at all)??


  75. List geological & climate influence

  76. sometimes I hear someone say the fishing will be better after the lake turnes over

  77. Last night, i had a dream. I mean this dream happens a lot but i never really remembered till now. Well there’s this pool lake thing. There’s one for humans. And one for alligators and different animals. I can’t really explain but there’s me and always one other person i guess i must be close to. I can’t quite remember. And there’s always one point of the dream where i fall into the animal one. I guess were not suppose to open our eyes because every time i fall into there, a random voice comes on and says don’t open your eyes. But at the time in the water, like most people im afraid of alligators. Swimming for my life. I make it out on time but i don’t get what the point of these dreams are. I really need a explanation.

  78. I live in the UK, and around 30 years ago, I saw a black and white clip of a lake monster, filmed I think through some trees, it was swimming and turning in the water, and pushing a very large wake in front of it at times.
    I’ve been looking for this ever since as it was the best film footage I have seen of a “strange” creature, I may have narrowed down the TV program to either “in search of” or Arthur C Clark’s mysterious world”
    does anyone remember seeing this clip?
    black and white, very grainy and (at the time at least) impossible to fake.
    thanks very much.

  79. I visited my local lake at night and noticed there was an odd humming noise and I can’t tell if it’s a duck or fish or something else. Anybody know what it could be?

  80. Anybody fished Nolin lake lately in ky? Im going in a couple days but havent been there for a couple months. Just wondering how the fishing was and the lake conditions. Preferably bass info.

  81. Kite bird babies are jumping out their nests from trees to the ground and getting stuck because they can’t handle the heat up there. They are having to be rescued and cared for now.

    Much of the marijuana crop is dying because of the heat/drought. And since there is a burn ban, official can’t burn what they find until the burn ban is lifted.

    A woman in Oklahoma City walked to Norman to get away from drug dealers, she was wearing flip-flops which melted to her feet by the time she got there.

    What other weird things have happened during a heat wave?

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